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The history of Bludan dates back to the 18th century, when the mesiter of file grinding and file pulling, Isidor Braun, was first mentioned. However, the company was not officially founded until 1792.

Their Blu-Dan trademark, inspired by the blue Danube that flows through Austria, was registered in 1952 and is a worldwide symbol of quality and performance.

Due to growth, the company decided in 2010 to move all production to Portugal in order to achieve cost savings through increased production capacity. So customers get the best quality at the best price.

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Files and rasps

BLUDAN products in the store

Chrominox key file set


Chrominox key file set

Art./No.: BD 0302100-C

Chrominox workshop files


Standard workshop files set Bastard 200 mm

Art./No.: BD 0321200-P

Flat butt file


Flat butt file Bastard cut 1

Art./No.: BD 0011200


Ceiling and mounting support STE with pump handle


Chainsaw Files Round 200 mm

Art./No.: BD 1713200-3


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