Fastening technology

KEW: Innovative fastening solutions for every challenge

For more than 60 years, KEW has been an expert in the development of high-quality fastening technology. With the increasing diversity of framework conditions, such as different building materials, the requirement for the further development of fastening solutions is also increasing. Discover KEW’s product range for otpimal fastening solutions.

Discover new products such as the TS Gecko, an innovative screw anchor for thermal insulation systems. Thanks to its universality in different building soils and insulation materials, as well as its easy handling, it offers a solution for insulation thicknesses of all kinds. Discover the wide range of high-quality fastening technology.


Kew products in the store

Universal collar dowel UKD


Universal collar dowel

Art./No.: UKD

Available in different sizes

Universal through dowel UDD


Universal through dowel

Art./No.: UDD

Available in different sizes

Super Universal Collar Dowel SUK


Super Universal Collar Dowel

Art./No.: SUK

Available in different sizes

Super Universal Through Dowel SUD


Super Universal Push Through Dowel

Art./No.: SUD

Available in different sizes

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