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For more than 70 years, Metrica has been a leader in the manufacture of measuring instruments for the engineering, construction and tooling industries. Measurement is in the DNA of the company, so to speak. Numerous patents were developed, including the Telefix (a telescopic meter with a range of up to 10 meters) and the Quadranfix (an angle measuring device for building construction). There are also innovative technologies such as magnetic tape measures, folding rulers and spirit levels. Discover the wide range of Metrica measuring instruments.


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Metrica products in the store

Double Laser Flash


Double Laser Flash: Two lasers in one device

Art./No.: ME 61114


Bravo Laser 360 degree stackable


Bravo Laser 360 degrees Green – stackable

Art./No.: ME 61435


Metrica One 30


Laser distance meter Metrica One

Art./No.: ME 61120


Metrica Point 2 Point


Distance meter Flash Point2Point

Art./No.: ME 61260


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