Carving, milling and rasping discs

Rotarex cutting discs, milling discs and rasp discs for wood & plastics

All tools in the Rotarex range are CE certified and comply with DIN EN 847-1. 115 mm diameter or 125 mm diameter discs fit all commercially available angle grinders with M14 threaded mounting. The 50 mm diameter discs are suitable for use on special equipment such as Proxxon Micromot long-neck angle grinders or Arbortech Mini Carver.


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Professional surface rasp disc


Professional surface rasp discs

Art./No.: RO R2/115+ or RO R2/125+


Professional Ummfangrasel disc


Professional wrap-around rasp discs

Art./No.: RO RX/90 or RO RX/120


Professional combination rasp disc


Professional combination rasp discs

Art./No.: RO R4/115 or RO R4/125


Professional surface rasp disc STATMINA


Professional surface rasp discs

Art./No.: RO ST/110


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