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Zira Thread Tools: 60 years of competence in precision threads

Zira stands for comprehensive expertise in precision threading. With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing first-class precision tools, Zira has an impressive expertise. The manufacturer offers a wide range of innovative and customised product solutions around the topic of threads to provide the right solution for every requirement. In addition to the extensive standard program, which includes more than 6,000 items for drilling, tapping, countersinking and deburring, Zira has always focused on special tools and customized products.


Zira products in the store

Machine accessories


HSS Bi-metal hole saw set 11 pieces

Art./No.: ZI 700070


Zira Twist Drill with Step Tip 755329 755330


Twist drill with step point set of 25 pieces

Art./No.: ZI 755330

more sets available

Zira 999048 999051


Twist drill 3 flutes 19 pieces

Art./No.: ZI 999048

more sets available

Zira machine tap set 200420


Machine tap set HSS-E Gelbring

Art./No.: ZI 200420


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